05 May 2012

Design Competition: progress

The afghan for the Mary Maxim design competition has been hibernating for a while – I set it aside to finish up my brother-in-law’s lap blanket, and then when I went back to competition knitting, the shawl was calling to me, so I’ve been working on that recently.
After more false starts than I can count, I finally settled on something that works: an integral i-cord edge at the top, and a very simple lace border (much like the one used on Hearts Ease) at the bottom. I’m just about at the halfway point, and I am definitely looking forward to the decreases .. it seems to go so much faster when the triangle is getting smaller.
As always, it’ll look much better after blocking, but here’s a sneak preview:

The Prism yarn is working out really well – I see that it’s listed on the Mary Maxim site now … in fact, it’s on sale!


  1. Anonymous7:10 pm

    The colours are very nice and you've done a great job! Wishing you the best in the competition!
    Love MOM
    PS - I can still get back there for more purchases... just in case you "need" something!

  2. Oh, I like! That edge is very, very nice! Will this pattern be available??

  3. Thanks Mom, you are an awesome yarn shopper!

    Cyndi, this pattern will either be available through Mary Maxim (if I win, they take the pattern and publish it as one of theirs) or, if I don't win, I'll publish it on Rav the usual way. So ... yes! One way or the other, this pattern will be available!

  4. very cool colours and pattern. You're a knitting superstar!!!

  5. Thanks, Stiina! It's lovely yarn, all it needed was a very simple pattern. Of course it took me a lot of attempts before I figured that out. :)

    It's a blustery windy day here, so I think I'll go sit and work on it some more - I hope to have this one done in the next couple of days.


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