09 May 2012

Other neat things seen at the auction

None of these came home with me, though I know that the double treadle CPW went to a spinner and I suspect the other two did as well. :) They were really interesting wheels, so I thought I’d post the pictures.
Here’s the double treadle CPW. Not sure about the little foot pad thingies, but it was in really good shape except for a smashed up bobbin end. Went for $550 or thereabouts.
image title
This one looks like what we usually call a CPW precursor, I think - screw tension, but the rest of the wheel looks very CPW like. This one was missing a whorl but had everything else. It went for around $150, if I remember rightly.
image title
And this one just fascinated me: flat rim, but Vizina tilt-tension mechanism. It had no flyer, just the spindle from a GW stuck in it, though the leathers were obviously meant for an ordinary flyer. I don’t recall seeing a tilt tension wheel with a flat rim before, it’s really nice looking. A bit of oil and she’d be gorgeous.
image title
I looked very closely and there was no hint of a maker’s mark, and it didn’t seem cobbled together at all - everything seemed to belong together. Super cool.
While I was watching the auction, I got this done:

I had to be very careful to draft sideways, rather than reaching up like I usually do, so that I didn’t accidentally bid on anything!


  1. The last part made me guffaw - accidentally bidding on something!!! Those ringmen have eagle eyes, so YES you need to be careful!!!!!

  2. I know, I raised my hands to shade my eyes and almost got snagged at one point ... what would I do with a horse drawn wagon? :)

    Now one of those ancient tub washers with the funky plunger things, that would be cool ... but explaining to my husband that I bought it by accident might be tricky!


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