30 April 2012

Stash Management: Part 3

I spent today putting up the shelves in the fibre room – which means that I first had to unload everything that was in there on the existing shelves, pile that in the living room, build the new shelves, and then reinstall things in a better order than before.
I would like to point out that ratchet drivers are awesome tools. And having a Boy who will fetch you the exact size you need is really wonderful, too.
The cleanup took all day, and I am exhausted. I was ready to quit a couple of hours ago but I really wanted it done so I pushed through. I’ll take it easy tonight.
Here’s the wall where the wire cube shelves used to be:

Wooden shelves with the Ikea bags stacked nicely along them, as well as the dye crock pot, the sewing machine and serger and assorted other things. We already had a wine rack in the room, so I was able to attach the shelves to it and get more space that way.

The cube shelves were reconfigured and reinstalled in a different spot, and I made space for the big carboys. We haven’t been doing much brewing lately, but I think we’ll probably give it another go soon. The boxes of sewing fabric and other things are stacked along the back wall, and there is actually room to walk in here now! You do still have to step carefully, but hey, you can get where you are going.
I am quite motivated to get through the processing jobs I have, as that’ll clear out three bags of fibre. I also want to process some of the fleeces I have here from my sheep and get that fibre sold or bartered away. Right now I’m doing a lot of knitting and design work, planning for the new book, so although I’ll still do some spinning (of course!) I’m not going to plow through that much fibre any time soon so it might as well be rehomed.
It does feel good to have this much progress made: there is still the closet to deal with (it is behind the door to the room, so it’s out of the way and not in the pictures!) but this will do for now.
I wonder how long it’ll last.

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