18 April 2012

Shawl Update

As promised, I do have a shawl update for you today … although it doesn’t look at all like what I was expecting to have for you when I mentioned it yesterday.
You see, after doing a bit more knitting, I realized that my design strategy really wasn’t working the way I had hoped. Not at all. So, I tore it all out and started over (several times) until I came up with something I am at least more satisfied with. We’ll see what it looks like when it is a bit larger. This is a tip-to-tip design, which should make good use of the self-striping effects in the yarn. The stripes at either tip of the shawl will be wide, and the stripes in the centre, where the shawl is at it’s largest, will be narrower, so there will be symmetry in the two halves of the shawl. I’m doing a fairly gentle increase to the triangular section in the middle there, so this will be almost a curved shape, not a strongly pointed triangle. The top border is garter stitch, to provide a nice grippy, uncurling neck edge, and the bottom border is some simple lace.
Won’t know for sure what it’s going to look like until it is a bit larger, but it seems to be going in a good direction now, anyway.

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