13 April 2012

First person spinner video

The Boy has a really cool little camera that you can wear on a headband to take video of exactly what you are seeing (crazy people also mount them on their surfboards, or to their helmets when jumping off the sides of mountains with funky flying squirrel parachute suits, but I digress).

In probably the most sedate subject matter this particular camera has ever been applied to, I did a ‘first person spinner’ video of spinning on the great wheel. There are some lovely videos out there already – including this favourite of mine – but I thought that a close up of what the spinner sees and does with the fibre might be useful. Drafting with just one hand is a bit of a tricky thing to master, and it wasn’t until I saw this excellent video on using the Russian spindle that the pieces all clicked in my head.

And so, here’s my humble contribution to the collection of shared knowledge on the interwebs: Drafting from the Fold - Great Wheel Spinning.

Spinning on the Great Wheel, drafting from the fold

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