11 April 2012


I love the Russian spindle. I love being able to sit in bed, listening to something on the iPod speakers, and spin while I get myself into ‘possibly ready to sleep’ mode. It does take me a very long time to get myself geared down and ready for sleep, and sometimes, knitting actually makes me feel ramped up – I knit very fast, most of the time, and that quick movement, while restful most of the time, isn’t really what I need just before I go to sleep.

However, I can sit in bed with the spindle and a bag of lovely fibre and flick the spindle in the dish – one quick movement – draw my arm out and up as I draft, then flick the spindle again as I wind on … and it’s amazingly soothing.


The spindle is full now, so I’ve wound off onto one of my Lazy Fred storage bobbins and I’ll start again. I did some research this morning and I think  I’ll try a plying ball when it comes time to make yarn from this … maybe I’ll even ply this one up on the drop spindle and have it completely done without the use of a wheel. Haven’t quite decided on that yet, but I have time.

There’s still a lot of fibre left to spin!

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