24 April 2012

Stash Management: Part 1

I am going to get the fibre room cleaned up and organized, and hopefully, this time it’ll stay that way!
Proper infrastructure solves a lot of untidiness problems, and I definitely do not have proper infrastructure for all the wool and fibre I have here. I have a set of those wire cube shelves, but they are a bit wobbly and not as sturdy as one might hope … and things tend to get piled on the floor and eventually, you can’t walk in that room at all.
Part 1 of the Stash Management Plan was implemented today. I cut two 5’ pieces of 1x2 (we had some here, it’s what we use for baseboards and trim) and marked it at one foot intervals. The coat hooks I picked up at the hardware store the other day were then attached at the marked spots, and the boards screwed directly to the wall in the fibre room. I found reuseable shopping bags at Michaels (the craft store) for a dollar each, and bought ten of those for yarn storage: you can’t beat that price, and it’s easy to grab the bag that contains the relevant fibre stash (sock yarn, bulkier wool, miscellaneous acrylic for mitts and toys, cotton, warp thread, random handspun, etc.) and take the whole bag to the couch for swatching and pondering. Thus, there is now a Wall o’ Wool …

There’s also all of this to be dealt with:

Which is why I said “Part 1”.
Stay tuned for more.


  1. "hopefully, this time it will stay that way" HA AHA HA. The only time fibre stays organized is when it still has 4 feet. Good luck though. It's an admirable goal ;-)

  2. Anonymous7:13 pm

    nice - your Gram had her "stash" of fabric in a suitcase, under the bed where her spouse would never find it! Looks very nice all lined up on the wood wall.

  3. Nathan & Dawn7:32 pm

    Ooooo...organization makes me giddy! Nicely done. Keep going!


  4. I like the picture of what you still need to deal with. It makes me feel like maybe the state of my sewing room is acceptable. Or common, at least.

  5. flannelberry9:15 pm

    Haha - so agree with jb (Jan?).

  6. I know, keeping it organized is likely an exercise in futility. Still, making periodic attempts to organize and sort is a Good Thing (TM).

    I remember Gram's stash of fabric under the bed - that was clever!

  7. In my experience stashes can be organised but they never stay that way for long! Besides, mucking out the stash is the best way to get inspired for the next project(s). Not to mention finding things you've misplaced or forgotten you had!

  8. Oh my, I love that term ... "mucking out the stash"!

    I am definitely keeping that one! :)

  9. I sure wish my stash would FIT in ten Michael's bags. :( That would barely hold what I keep here on the boat ... then there's my Victoria yarn storage ROOM. I agree with others who've said it's a futile exercise, anyway ... and with Louisa who says it's inspirational to muck about in it! :)

    The Lighthouse Shawl is almost half done ... maybe I'll get a pic posted soon!

  10. Your stash won't fit in ten bags? Whoa!

    My weak point is the fibre - as you'll see in Part 2. I have got to destash some of this, as it's overwhelming and I'm more of a knitter than a spinner, though I truly enjoy both.

    Can't wait to see the shawl! It goes faster than you'd think ... but the bind off ... yeah, 576 stitches takes awhile. :)


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