25 April 2012

The new lambs

On April 20, we had twins born here: however, the mama sheep was quite sure that only one of the babies was hers, so we have a bottle lamb. He’s very cute though. :)
Here is our bottle baby, Herman:

He’s kind of a messy eater, so he has drips of milk on his face and his coat. :) And no, he doesn’t drink that whole big bottle at once – that’s a 2 L milk jug with an opening cut in the side: the big bottle fits nicely in the fence bottle holder from the feed store, and then I slide a small pop bottle with milk replacer into the milk jug. It works better than most of the other things I’ve tried!
And here is Hermans’ sister, Hattie:

Doesn’t she have the cutest markings?
This morning I opened the curtains and looked out to see a tiny white and black shape that was definitely brand new. She is so very small, smaller even than most of the ‘smaller twins’ born too our Icelandics, but she seems to be doing fine. Her mama talks to her and seems very interested, which is good, as she is a first time mother and sometimes they are a bit puzzled by the whole thing.

She and her mama are in the barn now, where they are out of the wind and rain. I think this little one will need a few days to get her strength up before she and her mama can go back in the pen with everyone else. She still  needs a name  … it’s an “H” year. What’s a good name for a tiny girl that starts with H?


  1. hmmmm new names with H

    Hailey, Hannah, Helga, Hilda, Henrietta, and Hera

    Just from the top of my head :)

  2. Heather or Haley or Hope. :)

  3. Whoa, good names!

  4. Hope it is! That's just so perfect for her.



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