16 July 2012

Design Contest Update

I entered two pieces in the Mary Maxim design contest … a pink shawl and an autumn leaves afghan.

My mom called today to tell me that I got a letter (at her house): “Dear Contest Participant...” There were lots of great entries, but mine wasn’t in the top three in either of the categories I entered, so, no big prize money for me. Oh well!

The good news is that my parents both get lovely gifts – Dad gets the afghan to keep his chilly feet warm and Mom will look great in the shawl. Maybe this is regifting – they did give me the yarn! Ah well, they are happy and that makes me happy.

Dad says he’ll take some photos for me so that I can use them on the patterns when I publish them on Ravelry shortly. Stay tuned for details on how you can knit your own! :)

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