04 July 2012

Meet Anne

This lovely Norwegian split table wheel is named Anne, or so her previous owner tells me. My grandmother was named Anne, and so it seems quite fitting that this wheel should have found her way to me.

Anne came here through an interesting route: my Ravelry profile describes my addiction to antique wheels, and mentioned that the only type of wheel that I truly  longed for that I didn’t yet own was a Norwegian split table wheel. A friend of mine saw this and realized she had exactly the sort of wheel I was looking for languishing, unloved, at her house. She’d gotten it for a great deal at an antique store (that’s extremely uncommon – antique stores tend to sell wheels with missing pieces for ridiculously high prices, and this one is in perfect working order and was only $60!), the wheel needed to find a new home, she knew I’d like it, and she was coming to Olds for FIbre Week and would bring it to me.

All she wanted in exchange was fleece.


Fleece I have, so we swapped wheel for fibre and Anne is now in my living room getting good use already. She needs another coat of oil, the ends of the boards where the stain soaks into the end grain are looking kind of dry, but she spins beautifully (in both directions – meaning she’s great for plying, too!) and is so lovely to look at. She’s probably not all that old, judging by the wood, but she’s completely pegged together. There are two tiny screws in the tips of the flyer arms, which is something I’ve not seen before … I’m not sure why they are there, maybe for weights or something.

The turnings are fine and delicate, the leathers are in great shape, and she’s just a wonderful piece of spinning gear. I’m so honoured to have her here!

If you’ve seen one like her, please let me know – I’m very curious to find out where she came from … she has no markings at all!

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  1. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Lonna - what a nice wheel - I think your Gram would have really liked it. Remember she carded all the wool for those Hudson Bay style blankets we had! Nice name for this one too - Anne!


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