23 July 2012

The end of the Tour de Fleece

All that (plus one more ball of singles that is somewhere in the stuff I brought back from the demo yesterday) was spun during the Tour, which started June 30th. All the singles were spun on spindles (those shown here, in fact), except for the stuff that was done on the Great Wheel. The skein of yarn was plyed on the wheel, as I find wheel plying much easier and more convenient than spindle plying. I also combed another bag full of alpaca, since I spun up all of what I had prepared before the start of the tour, so it was a productive time!

I’ve never done the Tour before, though I’ve been spinning for oh, ten years or so now … and it was a lot of fun. It was great to have the incentive to spin a little every day (or knit, there were a couple of days where I did not spin but I always had some fibery thing to do!) and to document my progress. I got a lot more done than I thought I could!

Thanks to all the team organizers and the prize donors (I did win a prize – it’s coming in the mail … more fibre to spin! yay!) and the participants who shared their progress and cheered one another on throughout. What a fun event.

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