06 July 2012

Tour progress

I have been at the computer a fair bit lately, doing updates for the store, sorting out the accounting system, and posting my Tour de Fleece updates … and I finally realized that in all that time at the keyboard, I haven’t been posting any updates here!

Allow me to fill you in:

By Day 4 I had to start loading spindles onto a Lazy Fred bobbin and start on clean, empty spindles again.

The Russian spindle did get a little more packed on, though not much:

As I did the status update photo, though, I was reminded that like everything else in life, spinning gets accomplished one little bit at a time.

Yesterday, The Reluctant Farmer and I had to drive to the city, and I got this done on the drive in (I had to drive on the way back home, and it’s illegal to spin and drive at the same time):

As you can see from the background of the photo, today is dedicated to accounting.

Since that also involves counting bags of fleece, it’s really not such a bad thing.

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