23 July 2012

Prism Polygon Shawl Pattern: now available

The pattern for the shawl I entered in the Mary Maxim contest is now available for purchase on Ravelry (or with buy now' target=_blank>this link, if you aren’t a Ravelry member).

The shawl was made out of Prism, from Mary Maxim, which is an acrylic yarn that actually isn’t yukky. It is a lightly twisted, much like Noro, with long colour repeats and bright shades that make it a great choice for your wool-or-natural-fibre-challenged friends and family.

Worked tip to tip, the stripes become vertical instead of horizontal, emphasizing height rather than width, and with the geometry involved they also go from wide bands of colour at the tips to narrow stripes at the centre back.

The border is easy to memorize and instructions are both charted and written. You can make any size from shawlette up to full body wrapping triangle, the pattern is modular, so grab a couple of skeins of yarn, pick up your needles and go for it!


  1. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Or if you don't knit - I might consider renting mine out for that special occasion!

  2. Nothing about that shawl looks easy to memorize or easy to knit. It looks beautiful, but it's not a project for me!

  3. You see, Ev, that's the magic of this design - it LOOKS way more complicated than it is!

    The border is a very easy repeat: you do the same thing over and over until you reach an easily countable landmark ("when there are six stitches here, it's time to do the next thing") then you do one thing differently, and then you just start over. Honest, it's easy.

    I love it when I can find a design that LOOKS really complicated when it's finished, but is actually really easy to work. The border on this shawl is very similar to the border on Hearts Ease, the danish tie shawl from my book. It's now my favourite notched lace border, because it is so easy to do (and to modify) but it doesn't shout "e-z-to-knit" when it's finished. :)


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