07 July 2012

I have an awesome life.

My best friend came out to the farm today with her two little boys, along with Grandma and Poppa. This is my ‘family by choice’, and we all get along really well. Anyway, it’s a hot and sunny day, so the boys played in the kiddie pool, the grownups chatted and hung out, and the biggest little one (who is three) helped get eggs from the chicken coop, took food out to the kittens, and helped me check on the sheep. We had a huge supper of buns and cheese and cucumbers and peppers and things we didn’t have to cook, the boys had a bath here and changed into their PJs so they could go straight to bed when they got home, and it was, all in all, a fun afternoon.

Back home, when his mom asked the little guy what was his favourite part of the day, he said “Lonna, I just LOVE her!”

:sniffling with a big grin on my face:

My life is so freakin’ awesome.

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