24 February 2006

And the adventure continues

My truck died. Really died. I thought it was just frozen from the cold, with gelled fuel lines. Apparently the engine has seized, and diagnostics and research into options are underway. This has struck all the experts by surprise as nobody can figure out what would make a truck like mine do this sort of thing at this point in it's life cycle. The timing couldn't be worse - all my funds tied up in the house ... I mean, normally I would have a reserve fund for truck repairs, but things are a bit dicey when you are this close to that last draw for the mortgage. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be sorted out.

So, I have a rented truck for the weekend so that I can go pick up my stove. Well, one does what one must. Hopefully I can get my countertop installed, and then Plumber Man can come give me a sink and hook up my stove, and then we are truly on our way.

So ... the adventure continues. It's really just one thing after another, but you just keep taking one step after another and eventually you get where you are going.

I wonder where that is?

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