09 February 2006

Finally, some new pictures

Here we go, pictures!

This is the kitchen. Well, it's the corner cabinet and the sink cabinet, the freezer (fridge) is just at the bottom left corner of the picture. The black lump is Union Guy's jacket, sitting on top of the microwave/vent hood thing. We have been plugging that into the super duper extension cord and using it to heat water or dinner - my goodness, having a microwave opens up whole new horizons in cooking!

Next up, the bedroom: You can see that I've got one of the tall walls done, this is the wall between the living room and the bedroom. If you look closely you will see that I need to get some pretty wide trim to cover the seams here, as my cutting skills still leave a bit to be desired. (Please remember that the bedroom is the practice space where I'm testing out the various finishes and techniques!) I have just started putting ceiling boards on so that I could visualize the contrast between the white pickled pine and the golden wall colour. I think it's enough of a contrast that it looks good.

This is a lovely shot of my 'fireplace'. Well, the fireplace will go here, for now there's a candle serving as a placeholder. Last night I actually did the grout, it is all very dusty looking at the moment but the linen grout colour goes nicely with the tile, at least. It's an awful lot like filling holes in drywall and smoothing it over, I discovered, but I really don't like tile installation that much. I think I'll give Contractor Man my tiling tools once the job is complete, when I return his (fantastic) tile saw to him. He's welcome to keep the stuff - I have no desire to do any more tiling!

Last but not least, a picture of Union Guy. Well, sort of. He is hiding behind his birthday present, a lovely new frying pan. Yes, it's what he asked for. :)

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