06 February 2006

Slow but steady

I will post pictures when I have a bit more time (very busy at work right now) but here's the brief status update.

The walls in my bedroom are about half done with the pine panels, and stained with the Honey Pine all-in-one stuff (one coat, anyway). I started putting up some of the ceiling boards, too, so I could see how they look. They are okay, but zoinks it is a lot of work.

The freezer arrived and has been delivered and put in the kitchen. I think it'll be okay, not as weird as expected. I will put all the snacks in the very bottom, as The Boy is too short and can't reach that low. :D

Ummm, what else? Oh yes, ceiling. I found pine plywood (real pine, looks very nice) that is grooved to look like tongue and groove beadboard, but you can stain it and the real wood and grain shows through. It's not cheap, but it's better than standing on scaffolding putting tiny pieces of 3" pine on the ceiling for hours and hours. That is being considered, anyway.

No other news yet ... more soon, I hope!

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