01 February 2006

Flu season is rotten

Yup, flu season is rotten. I *knew* I should have made time for immunizations, but I was so busy ... and now I am tired and sniffly and wishing I'd made the time a few months back, instead of needing to rest and sleep now. Oh well, next year I'll try harder.

The Boy is doing a bit better, he is off to school today anyway, and we'll see how he manages come end of day. He is "Student of the Month" this month, and gets an award presented at the school on Thursday afternoon. I am trying to figure out if there is any way I can be there for the presentation.

We stayed at our house last night, and I finally had a really good sleep. Hopefully my energy doesn't flag completely by suppertime and I'll be able to put the legs on the kitchen cabinets tonight so I at least feel like I am making some progress, however slow.

The power was pretty low this morning, so I'll have to run the generator tonight: it's overcast so we won't get much from Mother Nature today.

The only real 'house' news today is that the freezer-that-will-be-the-fridge has arrived, so I will likely pick that up tomorrow after work and Union Guy will help me unload it. It'll sure be nice to have refrigeration!

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