26 February 2006

A kitchen ... with appliances!

Yesterday I rented a truck and went to Lacombe to pick up my stove (my mom got me a great deal on my appliances from her Appliance Guy, so all my things came from there, except the fridge). After that round trip I stopped at Union Guy's house and had lunch, then headed over to Home Depot to get some of the beaded pine plywood (for the ceiling) and drove out to Apple Jack Creek. Just as I was coming up the road, I saw Neighbour out for a run and asked him if he'd give me a hand unloading. He finished his loop and we got everything off the truck and inside - and I was able to get the truck back to the city in time to spare myself an extra days' rent.

Today Union Guy and I worked on the kitchen - we got the countertop installed, a necessary prerequisite for Plumber Man to come and install the sink and dishwasher. We did some fiddling with the floor plan layout to find the best arrangement - I was never quite sure if I would put the stove right next to the dishwasher, or over against the outer wall. It is a bit of a pain having the stove up against the wall, as you have to make the wall beside it fire resistant (meaning more tile, ugh) but that is where it ended up looking best. It's very useful to have a longish stretch of countertop, and I wasn't going to have much if the stove was next to the dishwasher.
The stove is a Crosley gas range that requires no electricity whatsoever. It looks a bit odd seeing a stove without a clock and timers and other electrical widgets across the back, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Anything that uses minimal power is a good thing!

I did take a picture of the wood stove - nobody can locate the glass door that goes on the front, so it isn't ready to burn yet. We have hunted all over the house, but the box that holds the door is nowhere to be found: Plumber Man is sure it was there, as he checked it off on the QA sheet, but we can't find it now so I guess we have to order another one. There is a fresh air vent that still has to be installed (that's the metal pieces you see to the side, they go underneath the stove and feed it fresh air from outdoors). You can use this stove with the glass door open - the screen which you see here is used if you are enjoying the "open fire". I am so looking forward to using this, I hope it gets up and running soon.

The other job I worked on today was staining some of the pine plywood for the ceiling - the pickling stain lightens it up nicely, we'll have to see what it looks like once it is actually mounted on the roof.

That's it for now, more updates this week!

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  1. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Looking SOOOOO good!!! What a joy it is to watch your house be built and become a home!!!

    Love you, AC


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