28 February 2006

And the good news is ...

... we can rebuild it!

The truck has a busted connection rod and crankshaft, but it can be rebuilt. The parts aren't going to be particularly easy to find, but at least it can be put back together. This is very, very good news.

The bad news is that it is snowing something fierce here, and I am driving Union Guy's *car*. I miss my truck. Couldn't it have died when we had dry roads and plus five weather every day? Oh well. I have to drive to the airport tonight to pick up The Boy - he has spent the past week on Vancouver Island visiting his grandparents. The roads are pretty nasty, but hopefully they'll clear up a bit by the time his plane gets in.
This picture is him waiting for his plane on the way out to BC ... sounds like he had an amazing time. I sure missed him, but I've had this really nasty cold (still do, and it is day 8 since it started) so it was probably good timing all around.

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