29 January 2006


It seems like there's no such thing as 'spare time' when you're working on a house project.

Today was errand day ... got fancy tiles to go around the edge of the fireplace surround, clothes for The Boy (whose arms are suddenly too long for all his existing shirts), and an electric powered brad nailer. I have an air compressor driven one, but I've got so much overhead work to do that dragging the air hose around and dealing with the compressor is more effort than I want to expend. The electric one was only $80, and I think it'll get used enough to be worthwhile.

What else did we pick up today? Oh right: smoke detectors that can be hardwired in (I'd gotten battery operated ones but apparently they have to be hardwired), face plates for the outlets, and a motion sensing light switch. That one is for the light that goes to upstairs - The Boy is not always very good at remembering to shut the lights off behind him, so the one that lights the way to his room is going to be on a motion sensor. :)

Speaking of The Boy, he has a fairly nasty cold that's been brewing for a few days. Now he's got a fever and is looking pretty pale, so he'll stay home from school tomorrow. There's a PD day at school on Tuesday as well, so it looks like we'll be at Union Guy's place for the next couple of nights. That means not much will get done on the house this week, but I suppose that's how it goes.

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