25 January 2006


I don't like installing tile. It is hard work.

Yesterday I took the day off work and stayed home to work on the house. I did a lot of cleaning up: carting insulation down to the crawl space (so it's not filling up the kitchen anymore), bagging up the garbage sitting outside (and inside), and sweeping and tidying in general. Then I got brave and mixed up the cement stuff and started installing the tiles that go behind and around the wood stove. What a messy job! I used Contractor Man's brand new tile saw, which he kindly left for me to use, but I'm not really all that good at cutting straight lines on tile. (I wonder, is anyone? It's hard to do as they tend to chip off in odd places...)

The end result looks pretty good, though, and my mom tells me that grout hides a multitude of sins, so when that's on I'm sure it'll look even better. I'll post a picture after I recharge my camera battery.

The really good news for the day, though, is that the batteries were charged up to full with the generator, and stayed at green light status until well into the evening ... then when the sun came out yesterday, they charged themselves back up to full green light status without any help from the generator. The little meter on the inverter said that the sun gave us 1.9 kWh yesterday, which is pretty good for a winter day, I think.

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