19 January 2006

More progress

Today the whole crew was out working - Contractor Man's Assistant is injured and unable to do heavy labour anymore, so Union Guy has been going out to help most of this week (wonderful man that he is). This is Contractor Man's last week, as he heads to Arizona on Tuesday ... so everyone's working hard to get things done before he leaves.

Today vapor barrier work continued: only a few spots remain to be coated in plastic. I have heard a lot of complaints about the tar used to seal the gaps in the vapor barrier: "This is the worst stuff in the world to work with!" according to Contractor Man (rumor has it he said this several times today, like when his stapler got stuck in the stuff). Union Guy has black gunk all over his arms tonight, having forgotten to rinse with varsol before leaving the house. I have to agree, this stuff really is sticky and gross. Oh well, it serves it's purpose.

Plumber Man was working again today: apparently my shower is well underway. I heard that Plumber Man was putting extra glue in the seam in the shower enclosure where the shelves go because "you know how those women are, they need all kinds of shampoo and stuff". With all my long curly hair, well ... that's pretty much true!

The house is really starting to feel like a house now, it's very exciting. I am so happy that it feels the way I thought it would - it is the size I had imagined, and the 'shape' I had envisioned. It's so hard to know for sure what a house will be like from drawings and floor plans alone, but I am very happy with this one. I was putting stain/sealant on my interior doors last night (Minwax Honey Pine all-in-one stain and sealant) - they look beautiful even with just one coat, and it's so nice to finally feel like I am part of the construction crew. Up until now there's not been a lot that I could really do, as so much of it required more strength and/or skill than I have, but the interior finishing will fall almost entirely on my shoulders. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but in an odd way, I'm looking forward to it.

I'm quite sure that someone is going to remind me I said that, when it starts feeling like the house is never gonna be "done" and I'm tired of staining boards and putting cupboards together and laying tile...

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