09 January 2006

Insulation and heat

Well, we have a lot of progress now!

The insulation is mostly in, and will be done tomorrow. We passed the preliminary electrical inspection with no problems at all, so we were able to just proceed with insulating and tomorrow will be vapor barrier. Yay!

Plumber Man has got the boiler in place and the in floor heating almost ready to go. The natural gas meter is on and we are ready for heat! By the end of day tomorrow we should have a closed in, warm house.

The cabin is ready for habitation again ... I need to do some cleaning in the house (the cats have been living in there, and the floors are in need of a bleaching) and I'd like to have the inspector come through and go away before I move my bed inside. However, we can use the electricity from the solar system to power the electric hot plate (that my friend's mom generously lent to me so many months ago) to heat our dinner, and on the weekend I used an electric kettle to heat water to wash the floors. I know it probably sounds weird to be all excited about this, but really, after six months of having power only from a battery on wheels, this is really a big deal.

And, as Plumber Man says, after heat is in place you can do water (before that you risk things freezing and bursting and that is just NOT good), so ... we must be getting close to having an actual toilet. Wow. And then a shower and a bathroom sink. Running water. Electricity. Heat. How incredible.

Contractor Man was looking for some pictures of them working on the roof with the lift truck: I hear it was his first time driving one of these things, you'll notice that his passenger (Contractor Man's Assistant) is holding on with both hands in these pictures. :)

This is how they got the roof finished, and Plumber Man (who is also Natural Gas Man and Fireplace Man) got the chimney installed on the outside of the house. I hear this was a most exciting day for the crew!

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