16 January 2006

A bit of a crazy day

The construction crew had a bit of a crazy day today ... the generator was being irritable and didn't want to run (seems the gas line had frozen up a bit), the batteries were nearly dead, and Contractor Man's diesel truck didn't want to start in the cold either.

Eventually all of these problems were sorted out, but it took up a bunch of time that they would much rather have been doing other things. They did get the vapor barrier finished in the loft, though, which is good cause that means less fibreglass fuzzies and dust in my nose at night. :)

Plumber Man called with the news that the specs we understood from the Well Guys don't make sense, so our well controller isn't ready yet ... I recommended he just call the Well Guys himself tomorrow since they will presumably speak the same language and have less chance of things being lost in translation.

Union Guy is working at my place again tomorrow, so we are in town again tonight (might as well save on fuel, with the cost of diesel being what it is). He'll take The Boy to school in the morning on his way to "the job site" and I'll have a shorter drive to the office.

Tomorrow night, though, we should have the opportunity to test out this new toilet. I realize this is probably not as exciting to anyone else as it is to me ... but believe me, I'm very much looking forward to this!

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  1. Anonymous6:39 am

    Guys may not understand but any WOMAN who has been camping should definitely understand and be very happy for you.\


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