21 January 2006

The sink works!

The sink works! We have hot and cold running water at the bathroom sink. We also have a completed shower enclosure, which will have water and a drain hooked up by the end of tomorrow. Yippee, we'll be able to take showers at our own house next week!

We started the day at The Boy's 4H Public Speaking competition: he had to give a speech to a room full of strangers (mostly strangers, anyway) and do an improvised speech as well. He did very well - he took second place (okay, there were only two kids in his division, but his marks were still very good). He went from terrified to confident in a week - it was amazing to see.

When we got home from the morning's adventures, The Boy went out to play and I started working with stain and sealant. I got the loft wall restained with Pickling Stain (the Pickled Oak stain I had wasn't quite white enough for what I wanted), stained several packages of boards (so they'll be ready to use when I do more work on the ceiling), and then sealed all of that with Varathane. Once that was done I started putting vertical pine boards on one of the bedroom walls (the one that divides the bedroom from the bathroom) - I want to see what the walls look like with vertical pine, and then I want to stain one wall with the same Honey Pine Minwax Polyshades (all in one stain and sealant product) that I used on the doors and see if I like the colour. I'm thinking of saving the cedar for the living room only, where there are lots of windows and not a lot of wall so that the extra money spent on wood will "go further", and just use pine in the bedroom and other less visible places. The only way to know if I'll like it is to try it out, so that's where I'm currently at.

We are spending the night at Union Guy's place, enjoying laundry and bath facilities. :) More updates soon!

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