08 January 2006

Home again

We are back from our trip to the Island (which was very nice). I ran out to the house last night to check on all the critters (no casualties from my neglect, thankfully ... it would appear that the contractors refilled the food and water bowls, which is great!) and I see that the boiler is in place. Of course, it doesn't fit where we'd intended it to go, so we have more reorganizing to do in that front entryway, but it's very important to have that in place as it is all the heat for the house and the hot water!

The weather looks like it should hold warm for another week or two (judging by the Weather Network report), so I'm doing laundry today and will go out and reorganize and clean up the shed. Maybe I can even get the sink unfrozen ...

The good thing is that we do have power at the house now, so if we need to recharge the juice box, we can do that at the house rather than hauling it back into town, and if we want to use the electric cooktop for a bit, we can. These are all good things. Hopefully we'll get the house to vapor-barrier point by the end of the week, then the bank person can come and say "yup, look, a vapor barrier" and give us more money (money would be good!), Plumber Man can hook up the water and the toilet, and The Boy and I can move in (to one room or other) and get started on interior finishing.

Plumber Man also sent me the info on the wood stove, which will go in the living room (you can see the chimney outlet in one of the pictures below). This will allow us to diversify our heating bill (so that not all our heat comes from natural gas) and give us a place to cook hot dogs in the winter. :)

Time to go do some more laundry ...


  1. Anonymous7:30 am

    Hello. I also live in northern Alberta and this year I installed this wood heater http://www.vermontcastings.org/catalog/elements/files/1000_7953NonCat_v3_0905.pdf It is an amazing heater and heats my 1700 sq ft house no problem. It is probably more expensive than the one that you are looking at but it looks really nice and works even better

  2. Yeah, I looked at the Vermont Castings stoves - they are absolutely beautiful! Just a smidgen too pricey for me though, so I had to come down a notch. My plumber actually has the same one I'm installing in his house, and says it works well - he says he installed stoves for a year and then picked the one he liked best out of all the ones he'd installed! That was enough recommendation for me. :)


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