24 October 2005

Dancing in the Dark

Well, just after I updated yesterday I got a call from Contractor Man - the picker truck could come at 4 pm! Okay, so everyone hustles out there and we start lifting things ... I'll put more pics up shortly but this is just the highlights. :)

We got the side walls in place while it was still light (no photos of that at the moment) ... then after darkness fell, we lifted the ridge beam into place. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, FOLKS! This beam is *huge* and very heavy. Doing this all in the dark was quite the adventure, I can tell you! First they lift it, then we have guys on one end with a rope, swinging the beam back and forth until it slides into the pocket at one end of the house.
Then, very carefully and with many retries, we coordinate the picker truck boom, the guys with the rope, and me on the ground with the flashlights pointing at the end of the beam so everyone can see ... and kachunk, in she goes.

Now instead of looking like a church with an empty steeple, my house looks like a giant's toolbox - you know, the old fashioned kind you lift by the handle across the top. Two pointy ends, an open space, with a beam across the middle. Yup, toolbox.

More pics soon. Gotta work right now!

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  1. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Glad to see you are finally gonna move the Boy out of the shed :)

    From what I can see from the Lone Star State it looks nice!!!

    Love ya,

    Big Tex


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