10 October 2005

The Shed Raising Party

Our temporary housing plans involve a 10x14 shed (a package purchased from Home Depot). Getting this package put together turned out to be a lot trickier than it would've been to just build one from scratch, but it was damaged in transit and I got 25% off the purchase price, so at least there was that.

I changed jobs in the midst of all this adventure, and so the vacation time I'd planned to take off to do the building of the shed just didn't happen - fortunately for me, my dad, my sister, her inlaws, and my wondeful boyfriend all went out and built the shed for us. This involved an entire truck load of gravel, lots of work hauling said gravel with wheelbarrows, framing walls, putting up rafters, and sheathing the roof. Dad put in at least a week of work mostly on his own. Wow. Blessings on every hand that swung a hammer, shovelled gravel, or brushed on paint!