10 October 2005

Thanksgiving Monday: things I'm thankful for

The Boy, of course, who is the best part of my whole world.
My family, who willingly help me out, even though I seem to need an inordinate amount of assistance at times.
That really nice guy I met ... who is still very, very good to me and still likes me, against all odds.
Indoor plumbing (using a portapotty for a few months makes one truly appreciate flush toilets!).
Running water.
Guys who drill wells. Guys who dig foundations. Those really neat styrofoam foundation blocks.
Diesel trucks. WVO conversion kits.
Apple Jack Creek ... I love being out there.
Good neighbours (my neighbour brought his front end loader over and shovelled gravel with it!)
Coffee. Tea. Chocolate.
A job that pays well and doesn't make me crazy. Nice coworkers. An ethical manager.
Sorel boots. Down comforters. Flannel sheets.
Kerosene heaters.
Generators. Solar panels. Inverters. Smart people who know how to connect all these things together to make power.
Computers (yes, even computers).

There's more, but that'll be a good start.

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