10 October 2005

The house is here, the house is here!

Finally, on Friday, after more adventures involving a broken down delivery truck and complications with mortgage financing ... the house package arrived! Well, the first shipment.

All the walls (already framed, exterior walls already sheathed), everything to make the floor, and the wood to make the roof ... all of that came on a big truck and was offloaded at my land. There's a really huge engineered beam that goes at the top of the roof - it'd be called the ridge pole on a log house. Dad says it's really impressive looking, and will definitely have to be lifted up there by crane.

It's a huge relief to have that here - now we can start making it look like an actual house. :)

When we are ready for the rest of the stuff - the doors, windows, roofing, siding, insulation and trim - they will send the next load. It's easier than having to store it all outside: if we had a barn, then we could take it all at once and store it there, but the barn is a future feature!