30 October 2005


Ikea has a big Kitchen Event on now (well, it ends today) whereby you can purchase your entire kitchen and have no payments, no interest for a year. This is a great thing, as it means the kitchen cabinets can be paid for out of the final mortgage draw instead of the 'working capital' up front, so that's what I did yesterday. Picked out cabinets and countertop and loaded it all into the truck. Yikes, it barely fit. Much of it is piled on That Really Nice Guy's front portch, and it'll make it out to Apple Jack Creek in fits and starts, to be wrapped in a tarp until such time as cabinets become a priority.

If you're curious, I got the white cabinets that look very "country kitchen" - as I'll be having so much wood, some white seemed a good idea. I did get an oak countertop though.

No further updates on the arrival of the truck, I sure hope it is soon cause I am really anxious to get the house roofed and sealed!

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  1. Hi Neighbor, sorry to hear about Diesel's friend. The weather is in your favor so the roof will get done soon. Like you I'm busy this weekend but I'll be available next weekend for the electrical.
    Til then - RH


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